T'ora Thekk

Black Sun Sergeant


A Twi’lek male of relatively short stature. His complexion is greenish with darker green striations on his lekku. He has yellow eyes, sharp teeth and a very intimidating, no-nonsense attitude. He has the affect of a being who aggressively intends to avoid being underestimated.

T’ora dresses in sturdy, combat-ready clothing without frills or ornament.

He carries an obvious light blaster pistol in a hip holster, and owns a swoop bike.


T’ora Thekk has been a member of the Black Sun for over a decade. He speaks very little of his past, but he has a reputation for careful planning and direct, well-timed confrontation. He does not engage unless he is prepared and has eliminated as many negative variables as possible.

However, while he is cool and efficient under fire, when things do not go his way outside of combat he is known to have a violent temper.

Thekk does not reveal anything of his private life, but it is widely rumored that he keeps pleasure slaves in lieu of personal relationships.

T'ora Thekk

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