Kaelo Vullo

Hutt Enforcer


Kaelo Vullo is a female Zabrak warrior of above average height, back-length dark hair, swarthy complexion and complex, swirling tattoos on her face and upper body. She carries herself with confidence, and her brown eyes miss very little. She smiles rarely but genuinely, and she has an unnerving tendency to stare unblinkingly as she assesses a person.

Kaelo’s dress tends to have a flair for fashion, yet remain practical. This tends to mean colorful, heat-resistant clothing with tasteful jewelry on Tatooine. She wears a utility belt with a blaster pistol in her holster and shock gloves tucked into the waistband.


Kaelo was born on Iridonia to a merchant family. She entered the regional military and served several tours of duty both on and offworld, eventually mustering out and joining a mercenary unit. She was assigned to be a procurement officer. In the process of making contacts she encountered a recruiter for a Hutt kajidic on Tatooine.

While she is relatively new to Jabba’s organization, she has become a trusted operative. She is paid well for her loyalty, and lives in opulent apartments in Bestine. She lives as if there is no distinction between her personal and private life. She is careless about romantic attachments and indifferent to anything not of her immediate interest.

Her reputation is fair but stern.

Kaelo Vullo

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