Garnac the Butcher

Mercenary and Arms Dealer


Garnac is a rather bulky Trandoshan male with brownish-green scales, orange eyes and somewhat blunted teeth. He moves with an exaggerated waddling gait, somewhat suggestive of brute power. His demeanor is humorless and menacing.

He is rarely seen without full combat gear, and so tends to avoid “civilized” locations, favoring shadowports, lawless settlements and the wilderness. He displays his weapons and armor carelessly, content with their implication of impending violence but uncaring of their appearance.

Garnac carries a heavy blaster pistol, disruptor rifle and laminate armor.


There are many stories about Garnac the Butcher, as the name might suggest. Indeed, it is often rumored that Garnac has fostered these tales for the purpose of obscuring his real past. Whatever the truth, Garnac’s reputation is horrifying. He is known to be merciless and inventive, particularly when it comes to prisoners.

He commands a small but well-armed mercenary band consisting of 20 to 30 hardened soldiers, three combat vehicles and a gunship.

Garnac the Butcher

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